Innovative bathroom design Ideas 2011


Have you ever visited a spa and meeting bathtub and bathroom designs that fit with the theme of a spa? Here we present a bathroom design that menguitamakan sense of comfort and high art. A modern bathroom which has a design in every corner of the room with modern style and beautiful. Design a bathroom ceiling which has berbegay design style and still feels the art of high artistic. The ceilings are given a small hole as one of its design ideas, provide a uniform lighting in every room. Design walls that mostly plays the game the preparation of ceramics, thus providing fresh impression and make us not feel bored to see it.Walls with ceramic materials are made so that when the water on the wall, will not make an artistic art color becomes faded or damaged. Then there’s also a bathtub designs that have various inoasi in terms of lighting and shape. Bathtub with lights at the bottom, followed by lights that spread across the floor, giving the impression of a romantic and beautiful in this modern bathroom. Beautiful and captivating style contrasts remain impressed with the furniture and ornaments in the shape of the modern bathroom. Discover the inspiration that you want, and please click on the image to enlarge. If you like our article, feel free to subscribe to our feed.



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