Samsung series 9 – the best notebook for you


Samsung offers you a completely different experience with the Samsung series 9 notebook. It is extremely thin, lightweight and stylish, so its look itself shall tempt you on owning it. The notebook is just 17mm and thus as slim as other notebooks. Its Duralumin construction ensures its great durability. Its features also includes 3.0 Bluetooth, 3.0 USB, in-built WiMax and 4GB DDR3 RAM.

You can enjoy a battery life of 6.5 hours owing to its lithium polymer battery. The Series 9 is really fast with its low-voltage Intel Core i5-2537M processor which is linked with 128GB SSD. The multitouch touchpad is also amazing, with the complete surface acting like one huge button. The look, the features and the results everything is spectacular about Samsung series 9 notebook.


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