Dining Room,

“Digital Dining Table”

The most innovative design for the dining table, design the most unusual features of the structure of the four pillars to suspend GEO lampshade and eight chairs. Table Swing has four pillars that sustain the structure of light and eight chairs. Table four posters have been designed to trigger the friendship among the visitors. This table is made from Walnut veneer sourced from Forest Stewardship Council-managed and powder coated mild steel.

As more housewives are turning to working, particularly women in city environments, there has been a rapid change in the life patterns, especially eating habits, of the urban families due to their unchecked routine. Providing a solution to the problem, designer Sang Hoon Lee has come up with an innovative dining table called the “Digital Dining Table” that introduces the functions of a refrigerator and a warmer to the dining table, making a more convenient setting of a dining table for all the members of the family. Featuring a TV set installed in the middle, which make dining alone more fun or possibly to record your slack eating behavior, the multifunctional table programs optimal temperatures for different foods, served not just on the dining table but within the drawer as well. The digital dining table comes with a transparent surface, assisting the users while serving food from the underneath drawer, which turns opaque as soon as you start eating, so you have an attentive and healthy meal.

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