Modern Luxury Bathroom Interior Design Ideas -2011

Bathroom is one of the interior part of a building, especially a house. This is a place where the residence of the house spends time to clean their body. Therefore, the comfortable bathroom must be designed.

Black and White Bathroom Design

Sophisticated elegance with modern style is what come in mind when people decorate rooms in black and white colors. Bathroom is one of those places in the home where black and white are most easy to apply.

Home Painting Design – Best Tips

Every homeowner at a certain point of his life will more than likely want to change the aspect of the house and what can be the best way if not through the home painting design?! The following info will help you adjust the home painting design to

Modern Furniture Design

Aside from the beauty of landscaped gardens, a patio is without their own design of furniture. In ancient times, patios are often graced with marble benches with intricate designs along with tables of similar style.

Best Drawing Room Interiors

The Drawing Room Interiors are passionate about interior design which leads to the creation of truly inspirational and unique designs. As a successful and established independent design consultancy, we are able to source unusual materials, furniture and accessories from all over Europe creating spaces that are individual, tastefully and ultimately stylish.

Modern and beautiful bedroom designs

Bedroom is more than a place of retreat and relaxing as it is that special confined place which makes you fall in love with this space away from all chaotic worlds. To feel the warmth and coziness of bedroom it is essential to decorate it with different thematic style to reflect your personal style.

How to Remodel a Girl’s Bathroom

The remodeling of a room can lead to spending time together for a girl and her parents. When it is time to stop children’s furniture and move to a new image for a growing child, consider their interests and lifestyle to create a plan.

How to Decorate Your Own Living Room

Decorate a living room, that will love does not require years of experience in decoration or a degree from a school of design. You just need to pay attention to their own likes and dislikes and where necessary the family. The room should be comfortable so when you’re decorating – or maybe re-decorating the place, […]

How to Decorate a Foyer Entrance

The design of the week: Barcelona Chair

The Bauhaus was a School of Architecture and Applied Arts, which became the center of modern design in Germany during the 1920’s, and played an important role in establishing a link between design and industrial production techniques.