Tree Stump Speakers

You don’t have to be a tree hugger or perhaps an audiophile to dig the Tree Stump Speaker from Thomas Laenner. The Tree Stump Speaker is really a speaker system for MP3 players designed to appear like a permanently trimmed tree of the stumpy range. The Tree Stump Speaker has two stumps, each of which […]

Tangle Globe Pendant Light

Plants give some refreshing and lamps warm and stylish ambiance to any home but the Globe Pendant Light can provide both. Exactly how this materialize? The Globe Pendant Light is really a distinctive lighting system this is a mixture of a dangling plant and a pendant lamp. Created by Tord Boontje for Artecnica, the Globe […]

Aim Lamp – Position itself in the space

The general idea powering the Aim design is to propose a lamp that would offer an infinite number of changes in meet one’s lighting requirements. Flos came up with a proposal of the completely new typology of lamp that naturally positions itself in the space – like a plant would do – with thanks to […]

Select the Perfect Pink

If you think pink is simply for little girls, then I would like to change your mind. Pink is probably the most flexible colors within the spectrum: In the lighter tints it is fragile and peaceful, while the mid-tones are lively yet very romantic. Take pink a little deeper and it also transforms into fuchsia, […]