Always plan a different type of decor for the private party…

Invariably, the decor of our home is an item that people use to distinguish what kind of person we are. It reveals what we like, what we don’t like, and more importantly what kind of character we possess – our character can also be revealed by the way we decorate certain rooms. For example, a practical person might show this part of their personality through the storage solutions found in the kitchen. A person who frequently has hard days at work will likely choose to pick their lounge colors in more neutral shades.

Though visitors might not be privy to it, the decorations of a bedroom – particularly one that is deep with reds and satin – indicate a different side to our character. That is a very important tip to keep in mind – always plan a different type of decor for the private areas than you would areas that the public will see frequently. You might decide to have a party, for example, and won’t you want to have definite separate between private areas and the areas open to the attendees?

The most luxury is usually given to bedrooms, since their intimate nature means they are the area where people want to spend the most amount of money to make sure that they look as nice as possible. Flooring is an important decor decision, and when you pick the appropriate flooring, you will want to take into account exactly how much traffic your floor sees on a daily basis. Floors, however, are not exempt from showing what type of personality an individual has, as the color and substance of the materials you choose can be excellent clues in what kind of personality you have. Busy traffic areas like the hallway or kitchen are great for hard wearing laminates, whereas a soft carpet material such as wool is better for the bedrooms.

No decor is complete without accessorizing, and the materials you choose for this part of the decorating will let others see what kind of personality you have, unquestionably. Another important part of decorating is lighting, and it can make a big difference in how each room is seen. Spotlights can be used to highlight specific areas in the kitchen, whether it’s for practical or aesthetic purposes. The rest of your home can be decorated in this manner too.

Highlighting specific objects that mean a good deal to you is easy when using spotlights and single light fittings. Mood lighting may fit the needs of a minimalist decorator better, however. Remember, when you are choosing the decor for your dwelling, you are giving a great insight into your mind and character to the outside world, so pick carefully!

I just moved into a home in a historical district. The outside of the home is way cute but the inside was also very historical. The cabinets looked like they were the original ones and had a lot of wear and tear. I didn’t want to knock them out and deal with replacing them since they were custom made anyway so I hired this team of facelifters to update the cabinet style without all the remodeling mess. I just added a lot of value to the home by updating the interior.

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