Amazing Luxury Bedroom design !!

The design of this bedroom looks too luxurious for kids or babies or probably it is not suitable enough for them. The bed is too wide for them to lay on. The system lighting does not suit for kids when studying since it looks too blurry and dark. It strongly creates a touch of romanticism.

An amazing versatility of the contemporary design brought by the Galaxy Bedroom Collection from Signature Design will enrich the ambience of any bedroom décor. With the high gloss finish and modern European style, this bedroom ensemble looks futuristic and unique. Stylishly accented by the silver color details, the high gloss black finish combines with the glass inset and LED lights to create an exciting contemporary design that stands out from all other bedroom collections.
The modern styled cases are designed with decorative finger pulls to give a clean lined appearance; while the subtle sloped panel headboard further enhances the contemporary beauty of this furniture. The wall bed system uses mirrors behind the headboard for added dimension and two wall bed piers outfitted to provide additional storage. With such an abundance of practical features and decorative details, the Galaxy Bedroom Collection offers you a techy contemporary look with clean uncluttered design, which is deservedly the ultimate in function and style.

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