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After your home has been constructed, interior design comes into play. The kitchen is one of the significant places in your house that requires interior designing. However, it is also among the most expensive zones to renovate and re-design. So when experts charge you high enough just for a piece of advice, why not attempt to remodel your kitchen by yourself?

Whether you employ an interior designer or you intend to do the job yourself, careful planning is always important in order to achieve the looks and the effect that you want for your kitchen. For do it yourselfers, you have to be knowledgeable enough of the tips and ideas as well as the mistakes that most homeowners have made in remodeling their kitchens.

Design Tips

1. If you have a small kitchen, make use of light colors like beige or off white. If you want to enliven or brighten up the place, you can accentuate it using bright colors. Remember that dark colors will make the kitchen appear smaller than its real size.

2. Avoid using dark colored tiles in the kitchen counters. Though royal blue or black look great, soap residue is very visible in these shades. And what’s worse is that it becomes very difficult to clean when it hardened. So if you don’t have a housekeeper or a helper that will clean and maintain the countertops everyday, better choose tiles with light colors.

3. The refrigerator, sink and cooking stove should be arranged well, forming a work triangle. The distance of these three stations should not be more than 26 feet. They need to be close enough for ease in food preparation.

4. You can adorn your kitchen with indoor plants, especially the small ones. Plants always bring a fresh feeling to the kitchen’s interior design.

5. On holidays, transform the appearance of the kitchen by using themed slipcovers, window curtains and table cloth to spice up the room and make it fit for the occasion.

6. Be very sure that the kitchen has an adequate lighting. Insufficient lighting will make your kitchen look and feel gloomy and cramped. Besides the main lighting fixture in the middle of the kitchen, you can also put task lights under the hanging cabinets.

7. Get placemats, dishes, trivets, bowls and other cutlery that match the theme of your kitchen design.

By simply following this handful of tips, you can achieve the looks and effects that you’re wishing for your kitchen to have. And you can do your renovation job quickly and more affordably. So if you think that functionality alone is not enough, better create a kitchen that’s stylish, safe and comfortable. And you can realize this by combining simplicity with modern comfort and elegance of the yesteryears.

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