May 31 2011

Bright White Carpet Light – LED Floor Lamp and Rug

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Published by at 5:36 am under Lighting,New Trends

A simple strand of LED rope lights sits inside a knit pattern of regular ropes, spiraling out from the center.  Designed by Johanna Hyrkas needed no special skills, knowledge or tools – simply a novel DIY idea for integrating two easily-manipulated everyday materials. This very basic craft object explores added functionality to what we take for granted – rugs, mats and carpets constantly underfoot.

A glowing, light-up carpet? It sounds either kitsch or futuristic, but somehow this unique hand-crafted hybrid rug-and-lighting element manages to put a clever and creative spin on a cozy and conventional home furnishing object – a great do-it-yourself project idea for people wanting to bring a little more light into their living room layout






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