Container Guest House

The Container Guest House is the first of a number of projects by Poteet Architects we’ll be featuring. As a national award-winning organization, Poteet Architects is better recognized for their delicate flexible reuse of pre-existing buildings along with a fresh, demanding method of modern interior design. This project descends from Poteet Architects’s client’s desire to […]

Stylish Apartment Design by Poteet Architects

Enjoy the stylish apartment design of the Robinson Loft by Poteet Architects. A pleasant combination of warm and cool colors and materials gives this modern apartment a graceful comfort being treasured. The wooden wall using a horizontal grain direction warms the style and helps to create a nice contrast using the cool stone slab floor […]

Tiny Yellow House by Derek Diedricksen

Derek Diedricksen isn’t simply a man with a lot of time on his hands, he is a man who has discovered a way to turn other people’s junk into something beautiful and meaningful. The Stoughton Massachusetts resident makes micro-shelters within his backyard. The tiny houses are built away from shipping pallets, castoff storm windows and […]

The Peninsula Residence on Lake Austin

Exactly what do you get if you incorporate a modern design studio like Bercy Chen Studio using a traditional, 1980’s lakehouse right on Lake Austin? An amazing vacation home with spectacular views, which includes the very best of both worlds-that is a comforts of a traditional lakehouse with all the relaxing powers of contemporary design […]

Small Apartment Design Tricks

Listed here is a design idea for a small apartment/unit. This is the lovely apartment that has been designed by a women owner. The apartment is situated in Göteborg and i like greatly how she used the colours and the wallpaper boxes to intensify the areas. She used ergonomic desk furnitures and simpleness in design. […]

Enjoy listening to music with Cuddletunes Bear

Kids definitely love listening to music, but why give them a simple MP3 player when more is in store for them. The Cuddletunes Bear has been created for the children, especially those who need to be pacified frequently. Teddy bears are a common gift that you give to your child, and they love it too. […]

Egg Shaped Guesthouse

It appears just like the largest egg ever laid by a bird too large to exist, but within its smooth, round and white exterior walls is situated an ultramodern luxury space that works as a mobile guesthouse, portable backyard office or comfortably enclosed secondary library space. Lined with storage niches, the modular wall slots support […]

House made of wooden decks – Netherlands.

This house in the town of Hilversum in the Netherlands, was created by Piet Hein for gollandskogo muzikanta Hans Leaburg. Small and cozy music studio has been designed to provide with a quiet place to compose music. Passers-by, who is mistaken for a lot of house logs, certainly at risk of attack when Leaburg opens […]