Comtemporary Art – TIME GUARDIANS

Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer’s Time Guardians are mysterious sculptures that resemble cloaked and hooded figures that are silent observers of the passage of time. The sculptures have appeared in indoor and outdoor installations, looking for all the world like a very focused procession of beings deep in contemplation. The sculptures appear to be concrete, but […]

Mimondo Wave Bunk Beds

Mimondo Different and innovative furniture. All furniture is distinguished by high quality Danish and outstanding design. Beds by this company are designed to provide maximum comfort and functionality for children. They are presented in two models – Wave 1, single beds, and Wave 2, a bed for two children. Both look modern and very original. With […]

AK47’s Zero Outdoor Fireplace – Stunning Design

Zero is a wood fireplace for outdoor usage intended for pleasant outdoor moments. Design and art blend to create a new furnishing accessory and its particular mission is simple: bringing people together. Within the garden, by the pool area, within the outdoor areas of hotels, restaurants and farm tourism centres to create always the best […]

Equilibrium Bookcase by Malagana Design

The Equilibrium is really a modern day bookcase that appears to be on the verge of collapsing. But that’s not going to happen regardless of the optical illusion that seems to show your books aren’t safe any longer since, regardless of its appearance, this bookcase can hold up to 168 pounds, which is quite impressive. […]

The Celeste, Cocoon Bed Partition

Celeste is a brand new concept of sky beds that gives a brand new and distinctive feel to your interior due to the modern design.  Celeste personalises serenity and simplicity and brings ideas like relaxing, cocooning and Zen to live. You have already got a bed? Excellent, Celeste is really a mobile sky you can put […]

Extraordinary Shelving from Parallel World

Contemporary designer based in Paris, born in 1981 in Belarus, Dzmitry is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique Professor of Design in Milan. For eight years he has carried out various collaborations with internationally recognized design firms and has published four books on the creations of designer. On many occasions, he qualified as a finalist […]

Virgin Showerhead By Zazzeri Is really a Waterfall In the Ceiling

The Virgin showerhead made by Daniele Bedini for Zazzeri takes a new strategy to this bathroom element that’s essential for our life. Instead of a genuine showerhead that one could maneuver around while in the shower, the Virgin is a part of the ceiling therefore resembling with the actual waterfall. And also this unique, indoors […]

Bubble Tree – Enjoy the Beautiful Sorroundings!

The project “Bubble Tree” – is the symbol of revolutionary idea from designer Stephen Pierre Dumas. It’s a nice, clear “bubble”, that has everything you need to make sure that you can enjoy each and every moment of Nature Beauty day and night. Inside the bubble is supported by both air flow and constant temperature. […]

Creepy & Creative: Vibrant Floating Lamp Design

Like a jellyfish lit up and floating in space, this hanging lamp design and style by Kristin Birna Bjarnadottir brings together elegance with a colorful mystery about how exactly it really is suspended. The designer intended to make something which was a blend of enchanting, unique, reflective and romantic – all rolled right into a […]