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Home decor trends for 2011 can be just those small touches you put into your home if you don’t want to go with the entire trend. The benefit is that you never have to be chasing a trend and can still appear to be in the know. Check out these new trends in decorating to see what you can implement easily.

1.) Being flashy is still out in 2011. Now that cheap credit has come and gone, finding items to decorate or repurpose from a thrift store or yard sale is now very cool. If you can find affordable items that need just a bit of TLC, now you can be part of the shabby chic trend that has evolved. It no longer needs to look like the old shabby chic style, but more like you have collected items passed on to you from your grandmother. Vintage is in!2.) Its easy being green. Green products and living green are the new in thing. With green products and green activities on the fore fronts of every one’s mind, you can save money, help the environment and feel good about doing it. With the proliferation of green items in the market place and by recycling old items, doing something good for the planet has never been so easy!

3.) If luxury is still to be had by some of you, it will be had at home. Many homeowners are looking for fix-ups that are luxurious without breaking the bank. Now is the time to invest in that fancy shower head or splurge on the whirlpool tub. You can have your own spa retreat in your home. While you’re at it, glass tiles and light colors in the bathroom are the next big thing!4.) Softer and neutral colors comfort us in 2010. We have made it through a rough patch and now we need some comforting. That’s where the color trend is coming in. Think pastels, but not like those from the 80s. Grays mixed with oranges, greens and violets is where it’s at.

5.) So soft and comfy. That will be the trend in fabrics. If it’s chenille or velvet, you’re likely to see it in a big way. Remember, we want to be comforted and these softer fabrics are the best west for us to feel cozy and comfortable.

Just remember, as with all trends, don’t go hog wild. You may end up with a home that looks like the Golden Girls were your design consultants if you’re not careful!


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