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Description of the modern style – geometric shapes and dark colors …

Current trends in paint color Interior: Paint color is the most common white, white is a good option for many, that’s how the method of Sun He is a tendency to make a room seem larger than it is, so it is a good white , especially for small rooms. The second most popular color should be brown like the color of the light is coming. This is best for larger rooms, it does not make it look more like white people do not also bring a nice warm feeling to the space. Another color, is one that has become very popular, but is usually used as an accent wall if it were not already have guessed, the red color.

You will find, in some cases red in kitchens and bathrooms as well, but they usually have more than a streak of cranberry them. Foreign Affairs: The most popular color when it comes to paint the exterior of your home is a white or off white, and often these houses have windows to reduce the dark and in some cases. After a white is really a toss up, it seems that it depends on where you live in second place in terms of popularity will be brown / tan or blue / gray. After these colors are yellow, green, red and pink, which is left behind.

This is mainly due to the fact that people generally like the homes blend in with the rest of the neighborhood, the brighter the color, the more difficult to combine with permanent installations in your home. paint colors that are always stylish An easy way to remember the colors he has not lost his appeal is to think of nature, nature never goes out of fashion. Be said of colors like white, beige, brown, beige, gray and used sparingly. Paint with these colors and you could not go wrong. Home Styles Description of the classic style – classic style of the house usually works best in the house of inheritance only reason to get the look you need a true classic rooms, instead of open spaces where the rooms flow together.

The classic look is composed by a lot of decorating scheme, and the decor is very similar. Objects in your room are not as important as the way you arranged. Description of the contemporary style – a contemporary view is that it is very clean, with smooth lines. It is the simplest of methods of collection and use of glass and steel and stone. You can also use the colors you need to be a continuous illumination, usually in shades of beige, cream, white, black and homes with contemporary style and the minimum use of details such as carvings and even for the use must be not only focused on the game, but only because it emits light. Country style description – to see as in their home country and benefits from the mere use of the forest, and some furniture and the use of chicken wire instead of glass, on the eve of the Council of Ministers. One option is a popular blanket fabric, one of the methods and all this will probably be looking at little confusing, but if you are decorating in accordance with what you can achieve the tone of the beautiful country, but with the appearance of up to clean date. Describe the type of selective – and anyone can easily create a selective looking house, mainly due to the fact that everything is going great extent with this style. The goal is to mix and match different kinds of furniture, wood, colors and fabrics.

This is a good option for large families or those with different ideas for the style, where you can really mix with the earth tone color, antiques and new pieces. Description of the modern style – geometric shapes and dark colors like brown, black and chrome and is used to create a modern look, often with touches of deep colors throughout the room. A major goal of establishing the standard is to make the furniture seems to be floating. platform bed, for example, glass bowl sinks and large windows help create a wall of each house in modern style. Art Styles Abstract Art – Abstract art is colorful and bright, and most distinctive about this subject, however, is that they do not represent any object visible, but is usually an expression of emotion or sound. The classical art – and this kind of art is one that has become very popular with artists like Van Gogh, Edward Munch, these artists do not represent the classical art, because his work is very old but also the fact that artists like these have a way of expressing their ideas, visions, and dreams in his paintings, and that is what makes even the classical art. Natural art – and this is one of the easiest to describe and remember, is exactly what it says, and nature.

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