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Design Your Living With Best Sofa Concept -2011

There was a very minor achievement though. I finally managed place an order for a sofa. Went over to a furniture shop at Defu Lane which is another industrial estate. They had quite a wide range of sofas to choose from but we were only interested in Fabric sofas. Don’t really dig leather sofas as I feel they get rather hot and you really have to take care of the leather if not they get damaged quite easily.

No pictures of the sofa as I didn’t bring my camera to the place. And the sofa will only come on the 27th Oct. Yeah, that long… 3 weeks from the date of purchase. Nope, the sofa isn’t flying in from somewhere. The sofa itself is made locally; and since they don’t keep stock they have to make a new one for me. “Macam” like custom made like that. So still gonna be sitting on my hard cold floor till it comes.

That’s a modern sofa design by De Sede, designed with contemporary style and you can arrange this sofa easily at your living area, because this sofa can adapt to fit in every living area, the new DS 165 leather sofa from De Sede offers the pleasure of endless choice. The designer Hugo de Ruiter give The adjustable backrests can be moved around to create the ideal positioning; it is likewise possible to turn 360 degrees on this contemporary sofa – moving the armrests to suit you. Make a modern living area with the new DS 165 sofa from De Sede.

Blame the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte for influencing the rise of modern furniture in the world. The story goes that when Napoleon crowned himself emperor in 1804, he ushered in the era of “empire style” furniture—ultra majestic, ostentatious, extravagant and self-aggrandizing.

“Empire style” furniture and its attendant excesses reflected Napoleon’s world-conquering personality. Spoils and artifacts from Egypt, Greece and Roman served as the bases for European craftsmen and artists to create a grandiloquent and aggressive French equivalent.

Furniture during Napoleon’s era was huge in every way. Stolid, loud and bombastic, “empire style” furniture was also heavy and carried a chauvinistic tone when compared to the décor of Louis XIV and Louis XV. Metal gilt replaced wood. Gold was the new standard.

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