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Design Your Room By Glass …

Though the history of glass may be unknown but today, it is one of the most preferred materials used in the homes. Earlier, glass was limited to use in doors, mirrors, ornaments and windows only, but today it is also being used to produce furniture. Starting from stylish coffee tables and elegant dining tables to plasma stands and office desks, all are now being made from glass.

Besides the ordinary glass which is largely used in manufacturing mirrors, there are many other varieties of glass. Toughened glass is a common material used in TV Stands and tables. On the other hand, film backed and laminated glass is commonly used in doors and windows.

Black glass furniture – Black glass was invented around 1960’s. The glass is addressed as black glass because it appears without lighting. However, it is generally in darker shades of amber or green. Black glass is a strong material due to its main ingredient which is iron oxide. Black glass furniture is known to blend with all types of décor as it is functional and also appears professional. It is popularly used for manufacturing glass tv stands.

Antique glass furniture – when glass was invented thousand years ago, it was tinted in different shades and used for decoration. It basically resembled stained glass. Today, manufacturers are trying to mimic the ancient designs and are producing antique glass furniture.

Frosted glass furniture – Frosted glass furniture is made out of frosted glass, which is nothing but translucent glass. The cloudy surface of the glass makes the furniture manufactured beautiful and elegant. Some popular frosted glass furniture options are room partitions, windows, doors, table tops, and lamps

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