Enjoy a worthwhile experience with XPC SG41J4 Barebone mini PC by Shuttle

Shuttle has always offered compact PC solutions, and now it introduces XPC SG41J4 Barbone mini PC. It happens to be the second generation to the SG41 series and has great specifications. You can change the case front fit design as per your desire. The acrylic cover is removable and you can very easily insert photos, logos and information.

This mini PC is perfect for Intel Core 2 Processors which has 1333MHz FSB. It has the capacity to hold around 8GB of DDR3 memory, an optical 5.25 inch drive and two hard drives of about 3.5 inch. The dimensions of Shuttle’s mini pc XPC SG41J4 are 325 x 215 x 204 mm.


Check it at http://us.shuttle.com/barebone/Models/SG41J4.html



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