Foyer space as a space that was made prior to the living room …

Foyer space as a space that was made prior to the living room or if the hotel lobby familiarly known, should be made attractive for guests who come to the house was impressed when visiting. For the foyer space such as in apartments, the concept is displaying a collection of photos of the house owner. After all, just free-style free in their own homes. Guests who come to the house, will be interested to see the photographs in the foyer space first before strolling into the main room. in this space you are free to express especially if you are a photogenic. Affairs of images can be varied, select the photos you or other family members. Options cheerful photographs that could make the guest was impressed. Or select a photo with family historical moment.

In this room furnished with comfortable chairs with seat pads. Floor parquette brown and light enough to add a warm impression. If guests are forced to wait for home owners in the foyer, the guests do not get bored even interested in seeing your photo collection.

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