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Garden Groom Trimmer Review

The reason why I desired to share my exposure to the Garden Groom happens because it has been an amazing assistance in my garden.
Initially when i first learned about the Garden Groom trimmer I believed it was a very good idea to have it. There are many things that I love about my Garden Groom pro trimmer. The main thing which i just like a lot about this hedge trimmer is that it is very lightweight and easy to work with. As it only weighs about five pounds overall it is extremely easy to move around and control around the hedges. 

Because it is so lightweight my back no longer hurts me to clip the hedges in order to trim up around my garden. One more thing I favor a lot concerning the Garden Groom hedge trimmer is the fact that sucks up all of the trimmings as I cut. With some other trimmer I would cut off what I wished to and it would fall onto the ground or in to the bush itself. Then after finishing I will need to shake the bush to have the rest of the clippings out.

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After that I might have to rake up all of the clippings and put them into a black back to dump. I always disliked having to crouch over and employ the rake as being a shovel against my foot to be able to scoop up the clippings. Or once the limbs were long and awkward it might be difficult to put into the bag. Then after putting those into the bag they would rip the bag. It absolutely was a very big hassle for me. 

The Garden Groom has a capturer that holds all the clippings. First it dices the limb into tiny small pieces then it vacuums it down into its holding container. To dump the clippings all I have to do is unclip the container and dump it in to the rubbish. This is much easier than attempting to bag it.

The blade includes a special cover over it so it’s impossible to chop the power cord. I did so that once with the old trimmer which i had. It was an extremely scary experience and I do not wish to repeat it. Just the limbs that you want to chop go into where the blade is to be diced up into tiny pieces.

One more thing I really like about it is another safety feature it has. It has three levers into it making it run. On the back handle there is a lever for either hand to hold on to therefore it triggers the blade to spin. The blade won’t spin unless one of the other two levers is pulled also. There is a handle that goes over the top of the machine and contains levers on each side so it doesn’t matter which hand I prefer. If at least two levers are not pulled it won’t run the blade.
This really is reassuring in my experience that my hand won’t get cut if I attempt to reach into the bush for anything and mistakenly move the trimmer. I must keep all of my fingers undamaged. 

Overall the Garden Groom is a very effective and light-weight cutter. I love it and use it often.

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