Get rid of insects with the Hammacher’s Bug Vacuum

With summer fast approaching, there are sure to be more and more bugs entering your home, and this can be really scary, in particular, if you have little kids. Now going around picking them one by one and throwing them out can be quite difficult. You don’t need to worry about all this anymore, as Hammacher offers you a cordless vacuum which reaches the bugs with its telescopic nozzle, and thus you won’t have to reach them with your hands.

This vacuum as already mentioned has a telescopic nozzle, which can easily reach and suck insects like, flies, bees and even spiders through its trap door, after which the insects reach an electric grid which gets them immobilized.


You can then easily empty the bugs from the extension tube outside your home and throughout the process you just won’t need to get close to the insects. This amazing device comes with a charging stand. When the battery indicating light of the vacuum turns red, you need to charge the device before using it again. The vacuum is extremely light weight so anyone can handle it. In fact your wife, no matter how afraid she is of bugs, can now easily throw them out of home with the help of this gadget.




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