Great kitchen design is taking the all harmonization of kitchen designing

This great futuristic Japanese kitchen was design by Toyo Kitchen Style. It is really a kitchen design that a furture house might need. The minimalist design is making the efficient of cooking and it wont take a big space jut for kitchen and you can put it near the dinnning and livingroom. This design can be used for kitchen remodelling and can be exceptional value to your home. This design consist a three kitchen basic function, which is storage, food preparation, and clean-up. Additional consideration in kitchen design is including space saving built in appliances at any time possible. Great kitchen design is taking the all harmonization of kitchen designing. Kitchen has been the most important areas of the house and the good design has always the best way to offer a great feel and look. The layout of kitchen design will actually enable you to optimize your space and transform your space surprisingly comfortable.

The ability to build solutions more Custom, Starting from modular standard modules , is now at the highest level not only as regards form and technology , but also for the finish . And ‘ it increasingly easy to satisfy their tastes in terms of trim look crisp and tasty, so long considered a relic of the sixties, when the ant used in coatings was bright red , acid green or pink, and thus removed from the creativity of designers.

Today the white thereby leaving room for a palette infinite color Nuance and the kitchen becomes unpredictable and , although minimalist , a little ‘ more frivolous and eccentric .

Aspen di Doimo CucineAs the first example we see the kitchen Aspen of Doimo Kitchens, which is characterized by fronts red lacquered glass Ferrari , formed by a wall composition and an island.

The first consists of six Column- pantry, fitted with electrical appliances . One side of the central block has two long shelves aluminumThe same material used for the work plan , hips, hooves and gorges, which replace the handles. Also Stosa Kitchens no joke , proposing the new system Look System model Brilliant, Which uses glass for its lightness and brightness. This kitchen is functional and technological point of view, but also very accurate in detail , with an area of high aesthetic value .

The warmth of the finish Plum revives the past so ’60s , but thanks to this particular glass shades acquires Futurist valence and geometric .

Tetrix di ScavoliniFinally, the most loved by Italians has fallen under the spell of catching color. Innovative design and a taste for experimentation Michael Young, Was born TetrixThe model Scavolini playing with decorative horizontal . Composed of modules 36×60 cm matched with each other on horizontal axes , the kitchen has doors made using wire plate glass , clear or opaque panels on decorative. And ‘ possible to have front panels of various colors , for an effec.

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