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Hammacher Schlemmer’s speaker pillow

You always need personal items which not only makes you feel special, but can also prevent others getting disturbed because of your interests or habits. There are many who prefer listening to music just before they sleep. Music can have a very soothing effect on the mind; it eases your senses and thus gives you a sound sleep. Now others sharing the room with you might not want to listen to music, and in such cases you may use a headphone. A headphone can give you the privacy, but can be uncomfortable as you sleep. Hammacher Schlemmer thus offers you its personal speaker pillow which will get you rid of all problems.


It is just like other polyester pillows which is comfortable and covered in cotton, but is still different. This pillow has an interior device which helps you listen to music when you lie on it. You won’t have to feel restless with the headphones on, as the speaker pillow will ensure you a very comfortable sleep. Moreover no one around will get disturbed, as only you will be able to listen to the music. With the pillow comes a 46” cable, with which you connect your computer, MP3 or phone to the pillow, and thus enjoy listening to music.





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