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Hand Pedal Float

It is about time that you got yourself the ultimate in luxury for your wife. You can be sure that she will adore the same, especially when she is interested in a bit of sunbathing. If you have any doubts about what we are discussing over here, it is the unique hand pedal float. This unique gadget will permit you to spend your time tanning yourself during the winter season and during other seasons as well. Those who have used the same have found immense joy with it.


This is a raft manufactured from heavy duty vinyl and it is puncture resistant as well. It is but obvious that if you try to force a puncture, then this float might succumb. However, it will generally not get ruptured under normal wear and tear circumstances. This beauty consists of dual cup holders that will keep your glass of cola upright when you are enjoying the sunshine. You can propel this gadget wherever you like with the help of hand powered propellers. Get one of this unique item today and become the envy of your neighbors. You can rest assured that they will come to visit you repeatedly. It only costs $79.95


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