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How to Decorate a Foyer Entrance

Make the first impression of his own at home as guests enter and view lobby. While the lobby may be the smaller of your home can have the greatest impact. The entrance hall sets the tone for the rest of your house, so make sure it is a tone you want. Decorate the room to reflect their style, keeping in mind design elements as the balance of the scale of space to the selected items.

Some say their foyer is so small, why bother with it at all? I have had others explain that their foyer is so grand that it feels cold and uninviting, no matter what they do to it. Whatever the size of your foyer, you should make the most of it! There is no reason in the world, why your foyer shouldn’t be stylish. The tiniest of foyers can be made to feel grand. Likewise, the grandest of foyers can have a sophisticated coziness.

Follow your heart! You can be as adventurous with pattern and color as you desire in this room. You can get away with it in the foyer, because remember you are only in this room for brief periods of time. You’ll want the room to have impact and make a statement. Of course, keeping in mind the spaces your entry foyer may be linked to. This after all, is the space where your guest will get a preview of the rooms to come. The goal is to create a continuous flow, room to room, each space complimenting the other.

Combine function with aesthetics as you place a table to hold your mail, briefcase and phone. Put in a small bench to sit on to remove boots or shoes and store the kids’ backpacks underneath. Include an umbrella stand for umbrellas or walking sticks and install a key holder on the wall for your keys.

Create a dramatic effect with the flooring. Go for a high-priced flooring as you install a tile, hardwood or marble floor, since it is a small area, which will help keep costs low. Design a diamond pattern on the floor or create a two-tone wood effect for visual interest. Keep the flooring strong enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic or add a rug or runner over the tile for everyday use.

Place a signature piece in the foyer. Hang a large mirror to reflect a scenic view or put a large painting on the wall opposite the entry door so it draws you into the room. Place a sculpture on the table or a corner stand. Pick a piece that coordinates with the other artwork in the home.

Bring fragrance into the foyer. Design a lush tables cape of fresh fragrant flowers cascading over a crystal vase. Allow the flowers’ perfume to waft through the room as you enter. Fill a diamond-cut crystal bowl with cinnamon potpourri or pine cones during the holidays.

Bring color into the foyer. Paint the walls a warm, inviting color that complements the colors used in the rest of the home. Pick fabrics for the bench and chairs that coordinate with the fabrics in a sofa and the curtains of other rooms. Select wood tones that blend with the colors of your furniture.

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