How to Decorate your Bathroom

The very first thing that normally people do, when they wake up in the morning, is to pay a quick visit to their bathroom. Though bathroom is one of the most important sections of ones house, most people tend to neglect it the most, especially when it comes to its direction.


People often end up spending loads of money for decorating their house and when it comes to their bathroom, they prefer to leave it just like that. Many people think that that since bathrooms are normally much smaller in size, compared to other section of the house, it is quite difficult to decorate it appropriately. Such beliefs are absolutely wrong.  If you have the zeal, then you can easily turn your bathroom into a colorful, peaceful and cozy place. You just need to remember few tips in order to successfully change the look of your bathroom.


By giving the walls of your bathroom a new coat of paint, you can largely enhance the appearance of the bathroom. It is best to choose light shades, as they will make your bathroom look much bigger. They will also help to lighten up the space. Instead of painting, you can even apply designer tiles on your bathroom walls, if you wish to make the room look more dramatic.

When choosing accessories for your bathroom, you need to be a little careful. When selecting bathroom accessories, such as shower curtains, toothbrush and toothpaste holder, bathroom carpets, trashcan and soap dishes make, you need to make sure that all the items perfectly match with your bathroom color scheme and décor. You can also include plants in your bathroom, as they will help to brighten the room and add life to it.

If you want to give your bathroom a romantic touch, then the best way to do so is by adding some scented candle to the décor. You can also place transparent bottles with colorful liquid on the shelves to enhance the beauty.

Lastly, for a more dramatic look, you need to use decorative lighting fittings inside your bathroom.


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