Mar 24 2011

How to Decorate Your Own Living Room

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Decorate a living room, that will love does not require years of experience in decoration or a degree from a school of design. You just need to pay attention to their own likes and dislikes and where necessary the family.

The room should be comfortable so when you’re decorating – or maybe re-decorating the place, you need to keep this aspect in mind. It is very easy to uplift the appearance of the room without spending too much money on room decor. For example you can easily add a few pillows to your coach or love sofa. But you have to make sure that they are actually matching the rest of the decor. If you already have some nice curtains and drapes in place, make sure that the pillows match at least in color or style with your window treatments.

Also simply adding a new pretty vase with some fresh flowers in it can do wonders for your living room. This will keep the room more in contact nature and will make people – even your guests – feel more at home right away.

There are many small items that can add to the room decor, depending on the style you have the room in. For example adding a few decorative statues might be just the thing to spruce up the ambient of the space. Just make sure that you know what the statue actually symbolizes, so you can dazzle your guests with the relevant information should they ask.

A painting on living room wall is always a good idea. The interiors of a home will increase by ten-folds by placing a beautiful painting on the wall. Paintings are the best for interior decorations and they add a pleasantness to the rooms. But if you are an art lover, an oil painting will be the best method to add grandeur to your living room.The paintings in a homespeak about the artistic tastes and culture of the house owners and,hence utmost care should be taken in choosing the paintings for the house. Living room wall paintings always add to the overall look of the home.

But do you know how to decorate living room walls with paintings? We are putting some awesome beautiful oil painting for your wall. The unique color combination of yellow, red and black forms the basis of these stunning oil paintings. The color of Sun set is being used for making the paintings. This unique color combination leaves all the 14 paintings similar and different at the same time. Flowers, trees, rivers and buildings can be found in these paintings. If you watch in detail, you can find that one of the main specialties of these paintings is the presence of beautiful couples. As you can see, these couples in many paintings are awesome.

The space for the paintings and the approximate height of the painting should be decided at the time of the interior decoration itself. The lighting arrangements has to be done according to the painting selected. The latest trend is to apply ‘indirect light’ towards the paintings.

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  1. rasiqzoneon 06 May 2012 at 2:59 am

    I’m agree that painting will make our living room more beautiful but painting color must match with the room theme and furniture of course
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