How to Paint your Home

If you are planning to paint your home, then you must be careful when choosing the colors.  Selecting the right colors might turn out to be a challenging task, since you need to keep a lot of things in mind when selecting colors for your house. If you end up choosing colors that are too dull, then your home will appear featureless and flat, while conversely, if you select extremely bold colors, then it might subdue the architectural features and might also displease the neighbors.

The most appropriate colors will help you to reveal the most attractive elements of your house. Skillful application of color may even help to masquerade design flaws, increasing the curb appeal as well as the market price of your house. Now, the question arises that “how will you locate that magical shade combination for your home?” Well, to do so, you need to remember certain tips.

When painting older houses, it is best to choose traditionally accurate colors, since it will help your home regain its original look. If you want, you can also experiment with contemporary colors. They will help to embellish architectural details and make your home look more striking. However, remember, when experimenting with colors, you must take into consideration the nature of your neighborhood. If your neighborhood is very conservative, then avoid using shocking colors and go for sober color schemes.

Always try to select colors that are unique and will help your home to stand out in the crowd. Make sure that the colors, which you select, harmonize well with the surrounding landscape and structures. You can even borrow painting ideas from nature. For instance, if you are choosing colors for a beach house, then you can opt for colors like turquoises, coral shades and vivid blues.

Based on the size of your home, you can select more than one color schemes. You can paint the walls with one color, while you can paint the shutters, doors, moldings, brackets, window sashes, porch decks, siding and columns with different other shades. To make your house look bigger, you need to use lighter shades. To make it appear smaller, you must paint it with darker shades.


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The second most important point in planning a color scheme is the consideration of the amount of light entering the room. The number, location and size of windows should be carefully studied. Needless to say, a room full or partial blackout covering the light source obscures the appearance of all the colors in this room, and often to neutralize them, so that a brightly colored pattern will become an interesting fact or darkness.


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