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How to Remodel a Girl’s Bathroom

The remodeling of a room can lead to spending time together for a girl and her parents. When it is time to stop children’s furniture and move to a new image for a growing child, consider their interests and lifestyle to create a plan. A good place to start is home decorating magazines for ideas.

First, we selected the border. It was between Dora the Explorer and Disney Princesses. At first, Elizabeth was leaning toward Dora but we were afraid she would outgrow Dora much sooner than Disney Princesses. We encouraged her to select the princesses as she would not outgrow this too quickly. Elizabeth’s room is 15×15 square, so we needed 4 packs of wall paper border which came in 15′ pieces.

While you might not want to encourage the teenage rebellion prevalent during the 1960s, the vivid color palettes, retro mod furniture and iconic symbols from the decade inspire vibrant, funky design ideas. Young teens looking to exchange girly ruffles and pale pinks for a modern, mature room design can opt for an electric purple palette with citrus orange accents. Incorporate glossy white furnishings in organic shapes like retro egg chairs and open shelving units with rounded corners. Accessorize the room with offbeat items such as lava lamps, beaded curtains and psychedelic posters that glow under black lights. Let the little flower child express her creativity by painting abstract floral designs on canvases for some personalized wall art.

Ditch girly colors altogether for a cool blue, ocean-inspired bedroom decor that incorporates all the kitsch of the 1950s beach bum surfer craze. Opt for a vivid blue-green or pale sea green for the wall color to create a cool base with a subtle hint of femininity to temper warm-toned accents introduced into the room. Scour flea markets for old, hard-sided luggage and travel cases of various sizes to stack around as a decorative accent that doubles as storage Pick up 1950s travel postcards of tropical locations from antique stores to frame as wall art, or create a collage under glass as a quirky dresser or nightstand surface protector. Finish off the beach babe decor with tasteful, wholesome pinup models.

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