MARMOMACC 2011 – An Increasingly International Event

The Exhibition of Natural Stones, Technologies and Design – the world leader in the sector – focuses with great interest on countries with a growing market and strengthens its international status by doubling up appointments in the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Marmomacc changes dates and returns to September: the 46th edition of the International Exhibition of Natural Stones, Technologies and Design, ( is scheduled at VeronaFiere Wednesday 21-Saturday 24 September 2011.

As the leading exhibition world-wide with more than 1500 exhibitors from 56 countries and 56 thousand professional operators (48.5% from 132 countries at the 2010 edition) over a net area of 77,782 square metres, Marmomacc confirms its status as the most important and qualified international appointment for business and professional updates i the various fields of the sector: from unfinished stone to design installations in stone, machinery, instrumental products and accessories. Expectations for the 46th edition are already high: in short, Marmomacc envisages maintaining results in line with those for 2010.

The increase of 12.5% in international operators in 2010 over 2009 is a good signal that for 2011 also envisages international visitors from economically more dynamic geographical areas, such as Asia and South America.

The geo-economic areas achieving the most significant increases were: Africa  (+9.06%) with the inclusion of new African countries in the visitor list, such as Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Guinea and South Africa; East Asia (+23.79%) thanks especially to Singapore (+64%) and India (+54.1%), the country where VeronaFiere has set up “VeronaFiere Lems India Ltd.” for direct organisation of events and initiatives intended to promote trade; Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea were also up. Australia and Oceania were stable, with an improvement by New Zealand (11.76%).  North America held up well, with a major increase in operators from Canada (+27.8%).

In the EU (+6.14%), Germany (+19.8%) – one of the most important markets for processed products that in recent months has shown some signs of recovery – was joined by good results for Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

The rest of Europe posted an increase of 6.49% in operator attendance, thanks to countries such as Croatia, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine.

The Middle East saw Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar in the forefront.

South and Central America (+23.7%) saw impressive attendance by operators from Brazil and Mexico, two of the main reference markets in the sector.


Internationalisation of the event and its related company system continues with great success through consolidation on international markets, particularly in countries such as India, China, Brazil, United States and the Middle East. Marmomacc thereby confirms its calibre as an international platform at the service of companies, trade associations and institutions, where Italian companies can promote the best of Made in Italy in terms of products, design and machinery.

Immediately after the 46th edition of Marmomacc, in short, VeronaFiere will join Confindustria Marmomacchine at Saudi Stone-Tech (16-19 October) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – an exhibition dedicated to the building sector where a full-scale “exhibition in the exhibition” will be organised for the natural stone, materials and technologies sector with Italian attendance coordinated by the two partners. Collaboration between VeronaFiere and Confindustria Marmomacchine, which represents more than 330 companies including producers of stone materials and manufacturers of machinery and equipment for quarrying and processing, is the outcome of the agreement signed last February covering attendance at shows and joint and shared management of new show events or commercial initiatives in areas enjoying strong development such as Brazil, China, India and the Persian Gulf, be they promoted and organised by VeronaFiere (from Marmomacc to StonExpo Marmomacc Americas) or by Confindustria Marmomacchine (15/20 events/year on average on the main international markets). The first positive results emerged from StonExpo Marmomacc Americas at the end of last January in Las Vegas, which was attended by as many as twenty companies which achieved significant commercial returns.


In order to promote opportunities for growth on the market through cultural events and high level experiments, Marmomacc also proposes numerous initiatives where operators, architects and designers illustrate stone and its multitude of applications on design, interior and exterior furnishing as the outcome of wide-ranging collaboration between developments in technology and such a ductile material as stone, which has always been used in the history of human constructions.


These events especially include the 12th edition of the “International Stone Architecture Award”: the jury, comprising sector experts of truly international status, will make awards to the authors of a series of projects involving major institutions in important European cities, small urban spaces or tiny education facilities in the remotest rural areas.

Exceptional interest will also be aroused by the space dedicated to “Marmomacc Meets Design”: the theme for this edition is “Mutant Spirit”.

The theme last year – “Irregular Exceptional” – has seen Marmomacc, in keeping with a tradition by now going back three years, present an exhibition at the Milan Triennial in April.

As regards training, Marmomacc is committed and determined to promote a true “stone culture” on a national and international scale, thanks to two reference approaches: specialist training focusing on architects in the United States (AIA, American Institute of Architects), Great Britain (RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects), Canada (RAIC, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada),  Australia (AIA, Australian Institute of Architects), South Africa (SAIA, South African Institute of Architects), TexasTech, Faculty of Architecture in Lubbok (USA), Hungary (MEK, the Hungarian Association of Architects) and France (Ecole d’Architecture Paris Malaquais).

Italy is equally and significantly involved in training activity carried forwards through collaboration with and the support of universities. One example is the 2nd level master organised by the Department of Design, Milan Polytechnic University, and collaboration in stone design courses implemented together the Mantua Regional Centre of Milan Polytechnic University; the Faculty of Architecture, Ferrara, the Faculty of Engineering, Trento, the Faculties of Architecture in Pescara and Bari Polytechnic University, D.I.C.E.A. Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering, La Sapienza University, Rome.

The results of such training will be presented at Marmomacc within the scope of an exhibition set up in the show area inside Hall 7B, close to the Forum – a space dedicated to conventions and educational meetings.

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