Modern architecture and design is all about bringing out the best with the Minimal

Modern architecture and design is all about bringing out the best with the minimal possible effort and usage of materials. Economy and beauty are the two parallel components of minimalist blueprint that most homes use today. That’s why creating a fashionable, stylish and sleek structure with a futuristic design lies both in the usage of appropriate materials and shades. This wonderful collection of minimalist Japanese homes illustrates how creative thinking merged with revolutionary use of building techniques can give shape to soothing and spectacular abodes. Ready? Here we go … Designed by Dutch architects from Grosfeld Van der Velde Architecten, the S House follows the box-shaped design that most modern homes seem to be adopting with ease. Located on the edge of the Asterdplas in the Hague district meadows in Breda, the simple yet elegant structure blends into the surroundings with ease.This ultra-modern home in Komae, Japan takes from the principle of design that states that simplicity is beauty. Designed by architects from Makoto Yamaguchi Design, the white structure is elegant, stylish and has a flowing shape to it. On the inside the simple cube takes many forms with the use of floor-to-ceiling windows which divide it into lavish rooms and sweeping corridors. But the white motif, that is the heart of the building, is kept as a running theme throughout.

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