Modern bathroom design is mostly simple without unnecessary embellishments.

It is a trendsetter in its approach to utilizing new and exciting man-made materials, such as: bright metals, concrete, colored glass, Perspex, vinyl and more.

It does not mean that it follows fads slavishly though!

It’s not afraid to borrow from the past either. It chooses the best from yesterday and it often applies old materials in a new and refreshing way and in new combinations.

Concrete installations are used to create stunning new shapes, to replace furniture or to create a custom bath or sink and to show off fittings.

It can be used on walls and floors and finished in a variety of ways, whilst still proudly displaying its characteristics.

Modern bathroom design is true to the materials without pretending they are what they’re not and is mostly simple without unnecessary embellishments.

Pearl Baths have introduced contemporary and traditional bathroom design ideas that are sure to steal a few looks. These designs have a rich mix of serene colors and textures that help you enjoy the perfect bath.

Tiles can be custom made. Water jets are used for precision cutting of tiles so you can create your own unique designs, incorporating a variety of materials.

No more off-the-shelf tiles only!

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