Nintendo Wii U – the best gift for your child

Is your child’s birthday round the corner? Want to gift him something that shall make him really excited? Then you should get the latest gaming controller demonstrated by Nintendo, called the WII U. The gaming controller has a 6.2 inch touchscreen, thus it not only acts as a controller but also shows you the same images as on the TV screen. In fact you do not need the TV to run the game on the touchscreen.


Moreover in the screen of the gadget you get additional information and thus have an edge over your competitors. Nintendo WII U displays 1080p HD graphics and is compatible with S-video, composite cables and HDMI. It comes with an expandable memory with the SD card or the external USB HDD that can run through any of the four USB slots. This is the first gaming console of Nintendo that supports HD graphics. You can also use the controller to run the old Nintendo games or make voice calls.

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