Aim Lamp – Position itself in the space

The general idea powering the Aim design is to propose a lamp that would offer an infinite number of changes in meet one’s lighting requirements. Flos came up with a proposal of the completely new typology of lamp that naturally positions itself in the space – like a plant would do – with thanks to the long cables which facilitate the orientation and also the height of the light freely. Via: Bouroullec 

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Select the Perfect Pink

If you think pink is simply for little girls, then I would like to change your mind. Pink is probably the most flexible colors within the spectrum: In the lighter tints it is fragile and peaceful, while the mid-tones are lively yet very romantic. Take pink a little deeper and it also transforms into fuchsia, a color that is certainly sexy and exotic.Pink not just delivers a variety of emotions but it also utilizes any design style. It is a fun, flirty color that could include a component of surprise to any space in your home.



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Cool Gadgets,

Almighty Laundry: The Most sexy Washing Machine Design Concept

Everyone does use washing machine, mainly because it allows us to lighten our cores a bit specifically in doing the laundry. Washing machines are typically bulky. However, with the space difficulty that is certainly beginning to exist in numerous major cities worldwide, plain and simple designs have come out and the Almighty Laundry could possibly be hailed as the sexiest washing machine of all time. However, the unfortunate thing is the fact that, the Almighty Laundry is design for busy bachelors. Sorry girls, however this sexy washing machine comes only with a rack for shirts and a separate rack for boxer shorts and socks.The washing machine’s slim design managed to get a perfect appliance for bachelors residing in homes with very restricted space. What made this washing machine almighty awesome is the men’s ability to do their laundry with ease. All they need to do would be to hang in their dirty shirts along with other stuffs around the hanging frame and underwear rack, and press the start button to start out the machine working. When the machine is done, men’s simply have to pull the hanging frame out and spread to dry. Wish there is a design for dresses too. I definitely would love to get one. The almighty laundry was created by Won Suk Lee and is an entry for the 2011 Spark Awards.






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Cool Homes,

Container Guest House

The Container Guest House is the first of a number of projects by Poteet Architects we’ll be featuring. As a national award-winning organization, Poteet Architects is better recognized for their delicate flexible reuse of pre-existing buildings along with a fresh, demanding method of modern interior design. This project descends from Poteet Architects’s client’s desire to experiment with shipping storage containers. She lives in a small warehouse on a former industrial site just south of downtown. The finished project serves as a guesthouse and it is fitted with a shower/WC along with a custom stainless sink. The large steel and glass lift/slide and end window wall open the interior towards the surrounding landscape. The rest of the interior is used as being a garden shed.
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Cool Homes,

Stylish Apartment Design by Poteet Architects

Enjoy the stylish apartment design of the Robinson Loft by Poteet Architects. A pleasant combination of warm and cool colors and materials gives this modern apartment a graceful comfort being treasured. The wooden wall using a horizontal grain direction warms the style and helps to create a nice contrast using the cool stone slab floor and white glossy kitchen. Large windows and a glass wall to the music room allows the lighting to flow freely through the space. A ‘his and hers’ shower within the elegant bathroom suite is a example that shows the consideration of the designers and can be felt within the entire loft. Visit Poteet Architects for more info.
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Kids Room,

Creative and Fun Design from Colombinicasa

Children too have preferences- in color and bed styles and themes. To encourage their growing minds to develop their individuality and creativity, Italian furniture design corporation ColombiniCasa offers countless themes and furniture designs. The furniture shows the same space designs once we as parents might buy. For instance, raise a bed just like a bunk version and place a homework space at floor level. Square a miniature flat screen TV over a toy box. Effective design then grants your child more play space, consequently performing exercises both brain and the body for good overall health.
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Luso Lounger by James Uren

The Luso Lounger is a modern day reinterpretation of the Chaise Longue. It started out looking at redundant furniture, and re-inventing it to match the way in which we live today. The addition of a footstool ensures that there are a variety of various ways in which you can use it; a day bed, lounger, chair, footstool. The Luso lounger is definitely an interesting asymmetric form that is flexible, makes an superb use of space. The under-frame has been built using American cherry; the shell of the lounger is constructed from lacquered plywood.


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Fabulous Bathroom Designs by Pearl Baths

There’s nothing easier to relaxed those jittery nerves than the usual soothing bath. Scented candles, refreshing salts and oil and some music in the background are certain to rejuvenate your senses. However, your experience is going to be incomplete without having a perfect bathroom set.

Pearl Baths have introduced modern and traditional bathroom design ideas which are certain to steal a few looks. These designs have a rich mixture of serene colors and textures that help you enjoy an ideal bath.

These ideas comes in handy for those thinking to remodel their bathrooms or for those people who are building them up from scratch. In either case, these beautiful bathroom designs could work wonders for your home.


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