Luso Lounger by James Uren

The Luso Lounger is a modern day reinterpretation of the Chaise Longue. It started out looking at redundant furniture, and re-inventing it to match the way in which we live today. The addition of a footstool ensures that there are a variety of various ways in which you can use it; a day bed, lounger, chair, footstool. The Luso lounger is definitely an interesting asymmetric form that is flexible, makes an superb use of space. The under-frame has been built using American cherry; the shell of the lounger is constructed from lacquered plywood.



Fabulous Bathroom Designs by Pearl Baths

There’s nothing easier to relaxed those jittery nerves than the usual soothing bath. Scented candles, refreshing salts and oil and some music in the background are certain to rejuvenate your senses. However, your experience is going to be incomplete without having a perfect bathroom set.

Pearl Baths have introduced modern and traditional bathroom design ideas which are certain to steal a few looks. These designs have a rich mixture of serene colors and textures that help you enjoy an ideal bath.

These ideas comes in handy for those thinking to remodel their bathrooms or for those people who are building them up from scratch. In either case, these beautiful bathroom designs could work wonders for your home.


Clean Slice of Bread Sponge by James Uren

Clean Slice is a loaf of bread which has a difference. Even though it seems to be your ‘run of the mill’ loaf of bread it happens to be a handy packet of cleaning sponges. Each slice of ‘bread’ is in fact a perfectly usable, domestic house sponge. Clean Slice helps make the ideal novelty gift – Via: Jamesurendesign






Tiny Yellow House by Derek Diedricksen

Derek Diedricksen isn’t simply a man with a lot of time on his hands, he is a man who has discovered a way to turn other people’s junk into something beautiful and meaningful. The Stoughton Massachusetts resident makes micro-shelters within his backyard. The tiny houses are built away from shipping pallets, castoff storm windows and discarded kitchen cabinets. The biggest is about 24 square feet and the tiniest is 4 feet tall at its highest point. Each microhouse costs less than $200 to make and comes equipped with transparent roof covering.

Tear Away Unique Designed Storage Furniture

The tear-away credenza is the best piece of transformative furniture around. This item of storage seems to be torn apart, however it is actually an amazing design feature.
Made from maple, birch and a mahogany veneer, this baby goes beyond as being a statement piece, since it mixes awesomeness with practicality and functionality. Check out the gallery to see more about this amazing piece of furniture by Straight Line Designs

The Little Black Dresser by Judson Beaumont

The dresser we’re looking at today is way from your average modern day piece of furniture. It’s got personality, it’s got style, it’s got sexy! The Little Black Dresser, designed by Judson Beaumont, is a dresser that could, and should be, hanged in your closet. Why? Since it looks like a dress. That’s correct, the Little Black Dresser is a dress-shaped storage solution that has plenty of space for all your stuff you’re going to deposit in your closet anyway. And with four available drawers to select from, you may also consider lending one to your significant other. They’ll certainly be astounded by your dresser choices. Via Straight Line Designs

Office loft F27 by Schlosser + Partner

Designed by Schlosser + Partner, the idea “Black or White“ is a fundamental concept of a revolutionary new design for an elegant apartment in the north of Graz. Contemporary architecture has transformed a two-storey apartment built in the 1990s right into a multi-functional loft becoming home and office. Although the owners view the apartment as being the ideal blend of functional and extravagant design, some visitors often regard it as too austere.

The office loft F27 is a modern day demonstration of a symbiosis of “living and working” spaces. A few simple changes turn any office space, the flexible sleeping/conference room, the glass sanitary box and also the patio on the lower floor into a comfortable office area. The private upper floor can be used with a separate entrance from the outside. On getting into the room you might be immediately attracted to the open room idea and also the views over the city.

AZ desk by Guillaume Bouvet

A young French designer Guillaume Bouvet has developed the AZ desk for the kids. AZ desk is an transformative expression module. From A to Z, it follows children in their development. The magnetic blackboard could be turned into an ergonomic work surface which adjusts to the user’s size from young children to adults. This furniture is made with three ply panels which provide great stableness and a solid aspect to the unit; its texture, form and natural color support the early-learning of the feelings.

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Fittings

Even anything as artless like a small side table or corner can give your bedroom additional interest and these days you will get classy matter for all room without having to spend a whole lot. These days ready-to-assemble (RTA) fittings is available in most stores and it’s not the contemptible junk that it used to be.

Retailers like WalMart and Target have expanded their selection and included classy models to their selection of RTA fittings and IKEA remains a pioneer within this type of fittings offering hundreds of styles on sale prices. Based on advertise psychotherapy reports, RTA fittings is one of the fastest growing segments of the fittings market in the world.

Ready-to-assemble fittings has made it’s reputation in artless hold items, like microwave stands and bookcases, which were frequently considered low quality. Price point and box handling have been a huge feature of RTA. You might easily take things you need through the arsenal and place it both in the home that instant.

Today, comsumers are Advent to require more sophisticated design along with durability. While the consumers’ ideal´s might be growing, their handbag still military them to behold for price. Many younger customers are seeking to produce elegant rooms that incorporate with newer machines – the slim and modern designs average to RTA possess a absolve win over weightier, more costly furnishings with this group.

It used to be that RTA fittings was cheaply made and not very classy but the quality is greatly convalescing with amplified materials and modern architect styles are now being offered.

In case you are afraid you won’t be able to put it together, then you’ll gladly know that association by local manufacturers has improved the clarity of guidelines available to the do-it-yourself. The average problem of RTA was frequently that instructions were translated through the overseas makers – biggest to confusion and frustration. Improvements to the instructions lead to happier consumers, fueling the direction even more.

RTA fittings initially was created for any home delectation and home hold needs but has split out to more cosmetic pieces. Many bookkeeping cache stores are actually carrying RTA desk and bookkeeping fittings for day´s and recently, RTA fittings has expanded into dining room, bedroom and room furniture.

Today you can look for a architect bedroom set at Walmart or even your own grocery arsenal and you won’t need to pay folks high boutique prices to get a architect appearance.

Cubico Table by Alessandro Di Prisco

Well it’s not actually a storage monster because it can’t really hide away all of the crap you could have around the living room area, but it’s certainly a neat solution that can at least assist you to arrange some of the books, magazines, remotes, disks, and everything else you may want to place in a safe place every now and then. Created by Alessandro Di Prisco, the Cubico Table has vertical and horizontal mini-shelves which are ready to deal with that surplus in the living room. The Cubico will appear even better especially after you’ve adorned it with plenty of the stuff I mentioned above and which you’re not necessarily using regularly anyway. Via Alessandro Di Prisco