Room design for 2-12 year old baby

Decorating the kid’s room should be adjusted to the kid’s age level. As the development of age, the kids have different needs and interests. Well, here are few tips for organizing kid’s room.

Room design for baby 2 year old

  • At this age, kids are more interested in bright colors. Choose blue, red or yellow colors instead of pastels. You can find the motives of curtains or bed linen with bright colors.
  • Avoid too bright of light because it can dazzle your baby.
  • Don’t stick a sticker on the inside of the crib, because it usually contains toxic. Edge stickers easily withdrawn, so easy put into baby’s mouth.

Room design for 2-4 year old

  • The child less than five years old is very active moving, so the arrangement of rooms must also consider security issues in the motion of a child. Make sure there are no messy wires or an open socket.
  • Kid’s bed should be kept short. Or, attach a safety at the bedside so that the child does not fall during sleep.
  • Attach an attractive wall-cover, such as pictures of different types of animals or large alphabet flashy.
  • The window must have a trellis to anticipate the kids to climb out the window
  • Don’t use furniture with pointy tip. Try also to pull the drawer knob doesn’t stick out.

Room design for 5-12 year old

  • To design the teen room, they should be included in the arrangement of room, because at this age teen can express their desire.
  • Choose theme arrangement in accordance with their favorite characters.
  • Except bed and wardrobe, complete with desk study and table lamp.
  • Make drawers under the bed for storing knick-knacks or books so that the room always looks tidy.

Besides the things above, you also must consider the cleanliness of room. Also make sure that ventilation is good enough, so the room was not stuffy and always get light and fresh air.

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