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So are you ready to make a voyage into unknown realms peopled with brilliant ideas?

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, remarked Neil Armstrong, on making his historic trip from earth to moon. You may find it rather queer, almost comical, when you hear me state with utmost conviction that one experiences the same high even on the successful completion of a routine, run-of-the-mill household task. Bathroom Remodel

In fact, even something as unglamorous as generating new bathroom remodel ideas has the potential to take you to cloud nine. That’s because, these simple yet superlative ideas have the remarkable alacrity to envelope, not just the bathroom but also the inhabitants of the space, in complete euphoria.

So are you ready to make a voyage into unknown realms peopled with brilliant ideas?Before you fall prey to the guiles of unscrupulous contractors, check out these impressive ways to add spunk to the bathroom:

The often-relegated-to-obscurity bathroom sinks have got a makeover. Glass, granite, ceramic or corian have left the standard porcelain sinks looking rather affronted. There are preformed sink and countertop combinations crafted from cultured marble that, hold your breath, do not burn a hole in your pocket.
If chromatherapy sounds like an unintelligible, cryptic terminology to you, rest assured, its sterling impact will be anything but obscure. Simply put, it means choosing colors that strike the right chord with you. Make sure your sinks, bathtubs and other fixtures help you relax.
For the one-of-a-kind experience, get a super-cool soak bath designed with chromatherapy. The spectacular range of colors that bathe the tub promises to transport you to a fantasia of a land.
Stress busting steam showers are sure to wash away all traces of muscle tension, joint fatigue and stress.
Towel warmers will wrap you in style and elegance.
Replace or reface worn-out cabinets, and watch the new members weave magic in all directions.
Installation of custom shower doors-frameless, sliding glass, fixed or hinged- will open up a completely new window of opportunity.
Ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles on the floor will sweep you off your feet instantly.
If you still don’t want to put in any effort, just repaint the space using interesting techniques like glazing, sponging or ragging, and experience absolute glee.

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