The best universal remote – Andi-One Android 2.1 by Conspin

Andi-One Android 2.1 is a universal remote that can control many devices through W—Fi, IR and RF. It has the ability to control 10, 000 gadgets produced by 5,000 different manufacturers.  The remote control has a high resolution 3.5” touch-screen LCD display so that selection becomes more convenient. It has an internal memory of 2GB […]

An astounding universal remote – Kymera Magic Wand

An ordinary universal remote is something that everyone has, if you want to own something different then you need the Kymera Magic Wand. It is a universal remote control but can give you an experience of being a wizard. The magic wand functions with a gyro, quite like the Wii-mote. If you move the wand […]