The Campbell Hausfeld PW181000AV Electric power washer

Many a time you might have wanted to mute the sound of your power washer, after all it can get really irritating. Now you can get yourself the latest Campbell Hausfeld electric power washer  which not only is highly durable but is the quietest that you can get. Moreover it cleans mold and dirt very effectively even from cultured stones and cement patio.

Using this amazing power washer you can get rid of paint, dirt and stains quite easily. It generates about 1800 PSI and removes most of the dirt using less water compared to that used by a garden hose.

To offer you an even better wash it has a turbo boosting 1800 PSI stick. The cart comes with 7” wheels so that you can move it easily, and has a 6 inch flexible and 25 inch pressure hose. You can fill in any solution which is made for the high pressure washers in the dual detergent bottle section, and then clean without needing to add extra setup. The easy fit lance has 2 nozzles which can be interchanged as per the requirements. It also has attached mesh bag which can keep many accessories. Cleaning surely would never have been as easy as will be with Campbell electric power washer.


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