The Volvo Modern day Home Office Chair By Lammhults

Home business furniture rarely elicits pleasure as it is hardly imaginative. On the other hand, the Volo Chair that has been designed by German designer Andreas Störiko for the Swedish manufacturer Lammhultsobliterates all design cliches and is certainly the most innovatively designed office chair. Created for commercial use as well as home offices, the Volvo Chair is noticeably contemporary and its clean sinuous lines will be appreciated by everyone. Comfortable yet stylish, the ergonomically designed chair means ‘I fly’ in Latin and therefore provides an illusion of floating when one sits onto it.
Says the designer:
“The lightness of the easy chair is critical. Relaxing in the chair feels nearly just like floating, all thanks to the construction whereby steel tubing extends from a round, rotating aluminum section that allows the chair to simply adhere to the slightest movement of the person sitting in it”.

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