Think Glass: Flexible Glass Countertop Luminescent Ocean

ThinkGlass was recently unveiled at the National Kitchen Bath Show in Las Vegas which is a sensational 4-inch glass countertop that “looks such as the luminescent ocean” and actually glows from within. Here is more info from the producers at Jennings and Company: The powerful LED lights embedded inside give the glass countertop a radiance. ThinkGlass provides a number of light colors and even the ability to create a “light show” via remote control with special effects such as flashing and fading lights to produce a glow.
ThinkGlass has quickly become a leader within the thermoforming industry by pioneering a flexible technique which allows the development of new or repetitive textures at a really low molding cost. This process enables the development of glass slabs without thickness constraints opening the door to any or all kinds of design possibilities that far surpass something that can be accomplished with stone, granite or marble. The item has several textures and can function as glass countertop in the bar or at home, like a decorative art object, can replace an indoor fountain and so on. Source: ThinkGlass

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