Tips for Making your home winter ready

While ensuring that your heating system is up and running correctly is the most important step to think about for your winter-ready house, there are still a number of other jobs you must take into consideration, ranging from the insulation of your home to all the exterior work you will have to achieve prior to the first winter storm hits in.

Metricon’s Sales and Marketing Manager – Karina- one the best way to keep your home warm while keeping your bills lower is ensuring that it is insulated and sealed as effectively as is possible.

“A well-insulated and ventilated ceiling could save you both in your heating bill and stop ice dams. Consider adding a second layer of insulation to your ceiling within the cooler months.
Major amounts of heat can also be lost through cracks in the walls in your home, reducing the performance of your heating system and bumping up bills. Sealing your home up tight on the interior and exterior is essential to reduce the risk of drafts, leaks, dry rot, and mold.Search for cracks in your home around window frames, doors, pipes, and electrical outlets. You need to seal up the open drafty cracks where air and wind can leak through as best as you can. On the interior, apply caulk around your window and door glass and trim. Other areas where cracks should be treated are around where the chimney and fireplace pass through, along with the gaps around the dryer, bath, and kitchen vents.
In regards to the exterior of your house, look into the siding on your house’s exterior, looking for cracks and gaps. Caulk and patch the cracks to prevent leaks and also the damage that may result from the rain throughout the winter season. Deploy or change the weather stripping on all of your doors and windows and then any other areas where there are gaps. If you undertake all of this, you should have a warm and happy household this winter.

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