Unique Furniture with Unique Concept Furniture Design

Or VW Bumper made a chair? Indeed, this furniture is very unique and classical. Unique Furniture with Old Cars Concept Furniture Design.

this product is due to be released in 2008. behive, integrating the best of all corners of the world ‘behive’ is a concept based upon a round trampoline, positioned about 2 feet high above the ground. it is surrounded by very comfortable side cushions you can either sit, lean or hang against. the trampoline fabric itself also provides maximum comfort and automatically adapts to the form of your body. and as if the lounging comfort wouldn’t be enough extremis has even provided a ‘corral’ table in the middle of behive so that everybody can reach it. thanks to a hole in the middle of behives surface, people that wish to sit straight up can do so too.

This is luxury design of unique Colorful outdoor seating furniture launches in the market and that is built in outstanding excellence of furniture it looks fantastic it is best for your free time you can easily seat on this outdoor seating furniture this is the great furniture product from Kenneth COBONPUE.

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