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USB Prankster to play the coolest pranks

Are you planning to visit your friend’s place? Want to do something unusual, unusually mischievous? Then the USB prankster is the exact gadget you need. Have you noticed that sometimes all of a sudden your computer mouse doesn’t take your instruction? Naturally this does confuse and irritate you a lot. Well this is no magic, nor is there any problem with your computer; it’s just the mischievous little gadget doing its task. The USB prankster looks like a pen drive, and you can easily use it for your well planned prank.


As soon as you get the chance and there is no one around, plug the device into your friend’s computer. This prankster gadget also has a delay setting so that you won’t get doubted. Set the delay time and plug the gadget into the system. After lapsing of the delay time, the pranks begins and the mouse experiences uncontrolled movements, like, typing some weird text on its own, or turning the caps lock off an on. So get yourself this amazing device and be ready to have some great experience.

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