What colors mean and how they work

In our eyes there are 137 million photo receptors, which receive 70 percent of all human senses. The most information we receive in the course of our life through the eyes. So it is no wonder that colors and their functions have always fascinated and play a major role in psychology. No less important are the colors in the establishment, because right amount they affect not only the style of a room, but also on the well being of its residents.

From da Vinci to Newton

Even the Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated by colors and has the 15th Century tried to bring a system in the variety of colors. With his supposition that

Yellow is a “solid color” and that blue is a color composite of light and darkness, he was a co-founder of color theory. Isaac Newton da Vinci’s theories led to the beginning of the 18th Century on. He sent light through a glass prism and so came to the conclusion that white light is composed and decomposed by the glass in his colors as a rainbow. These colors named Newton spectrum, which he took as a basis for its color wheel. Then red, green and blue are the primary colors that result as the sum of white. Black is in this model as the absence of light.


The color circle of Goethe
End of the 18th Century begins, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, research on color to hire. For Goethe there are six basic colors: purple, reddish yellow, yellow, green, blue and red-blue. With their transitions, they sat down together to a continuous color wheel. This color wheel, he used to symbolize the human mind and psyche. He allow the concept of primary colors that mix of no other colors depends strongly on cultural traditions. The most common European system looks yellow, red and blue primary colors. For you, all other colors, also produce secondary and tertiary colors. the three primary colors are mixed, formed Gray Black. Goethe’s color theory is the basis for many other color theories that have been established over the following centuries, until today.


Cheerful mood Sunny Orange plus warm honey yellow: the right dose to give the colors of summer to the living room a bright and pleasant atmosphere. All the walls of the room were painted in the broken shade of white “Cashmere”. As a contrast to the wooden slats radiating in the passage to the dining room in the most beautiful residential trend color “Honey” and the nuances of “Mango” and “melon”.


Fresh Kick You feel like a great color: the apple-green leather chairs (“Pinto” of Machalke) and color-coordinated throw pillows make the room glow.And the flowers of the carpet (“Flora” by Ligne Roset) you can even connect.


Bundle of Energy The stage is set for deep red, sunny orange! The colored dream pair occurs in wall color, sofa (“Crack” by Machalke) and accessories, and dominates the living room in a wonderful way. Just make sure that other colors are used sparingly.


Color design for the home

The fact is that we people day to day out surrounded by colors that can have on our psyche and our well-being of great influence. In this vision, age and health are as important as the color impressions we have received throughout our lives. The color scheme in our own homes can contribute so much to our well-being: blue calms, red and yellow gives life radiates good humor. So, how would you like to Color Your Home?



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